I am a 17 year old young man. I spent a year at the firstfloor | art school in Zurich, Switzerland. Now I’m employed as a graphic design intern at CREALOGIX AG. I have a passion for creating in general, but even more when I work in a team which is motivated to get the best out of the day.

I do all kinds of things, like painting, drawing, sculpting and I’m currently exploring the digital world of creativity, mostly using Adobe programs. But I especially love bringing my ideas onto paper, catching people’s attention and looking at things from a different angle. I think graphic design has much to do with psychology and that’s yet another reason why I find it such an interesting industry.

But these are only some of my passions and I have many more.

For example; I love music and consider it to be one of the most important things in my life, I play the guitar and the piano and intend to start with some percussion instrument.

Now let’s see how I’ve come to where I am now.

I’ve gone through a very common education process, I did six years of elementary school. After that, I went through three years of secondary school (level A). I’ve wanted to do a creative job since I was in the fifth grade, I think.

I’ve always wanted to create something and leave a mark.

In the third year of secondary school I took and passed the entrance exam for the Arts Foundation Course at the firstfloor | art school, which is a school for creative heads that want to get into the creative industry.

And here I am now, currently applying for a job in an advertising agency.

My goal is to be a graphic designer.

At said art school, I met some very unique and interesting people, both amongst the students and the tutors. We all share some beliefs and opinions about art and creating in general, while completely having our own minds and ideas.

I want to use the privilege of having my own website, as a portfolio and to share the journey of finding my place in the creative business with anyone that happens to stumble across my website for any reason. I’m going to share with you my projects as well as my personal experience.

With all of that said, I’d recommend that we follow this little quote of a good friend of mine (no, I don’t know him personally):

„Let’s get it on! “ (Marvin Gaye, 1973)