As you’ve probably noticed from former posts, I like the fictive universe, J.R.R Tolkien created for his books: the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit.

I wanted therefore to create a mask, inspired by the franchise’s villain Sauron. It’s not an exact copy, for I wanted to give it a bit of a personal touch and improvise a little. So after getting to the Idea, I started sketching out different versions of the helmet.

I used plaster to create a mold of my own face, on wich I afterwards started to build the mask on.

After strengthening the mold of my face, I used aluminium foil and cardboard to roughly work out the Form of the helmet
After having elaborated the shape of the helmet, I used plaster to get a clean surface. To get the sharp edges, I used surfacer paste, wich I tried to apply like jam onto a bread.
To get the helmet to look like it was hammered into shape by an ancient dwarf smith, I used surfacer paste again to create an uneven look. After doing that, I first painted the whole mask completely black, before applying a special silver acrylic paint for wich I used a very dry brush, to avoid losing the contrast, given by the black prime.

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