As you see in the picture, I’ve created a compositing of an african landscape, a lion and myself, using Photoshop CC. It was the yet biggest project I realized on Photoshop.

At first I had to think about what animal fitted my looks the most. Because of my voluminous hair, I decided to go for a lion.

So I prepared a few sketches of half of my face slowly morphing into a lion’s face. I was certain from the very beginning to only use my face, leaving the lion’s body untouched, as I wanted to focus on doing one thing, precisely and realistically. I also wanted the lion to be big. Very big actually. That was the reason I had to get a different background.

Further on, I obviously needed high-res images of said lion, a African landscape and myself. After quite a while I managed to get a good picture of a male lion with an impressive mane and some African landscapes from adobe stock.

So the first thing I had to do, was to free the lion from it’s background. If that doesn’t sound like a complicated kind of procedure to you, than, my friend, you’re wrong. I spent about four hours on separating the lion from it’s background.

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