This is a project I realized at the art school I am currently attending, all students had to create their very own magazine. Part of the task was to take all decisions by ourselves, wich I found to be fairly difficult, as I have never done anything like this before.

When creating a magazine, one has to really think about the concept and structure. For a magazine is released more than just once, as an example maybe every month or year. So the subject area, or genre, should be well chosen and not to specific. It wouldn’t work out to make a magazine on guitar strings, as one could barely write enough about such a specific topic. Taking a more overall genre, as an example: a magazine about guitars in general, would be a way more feasible decision.

At first I felt rather tempted to do a magazine on guitars, knowing it would be easy to talk about one of my biggest passions. However I am very interested in the production of motion pictures and everything around it, especially in the visualization of characters. So I thought, I best use this possibility to get to know concept art / concept visualization a little better.

This is the cover I designed for my magazine.

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