Three friends of mine and I thought about what’s wrong, or what could be improved within today’s society. We ended up with a few ideas but decided to concentrate on the first major problem that came to our minds; the fact that if an accident or something similar happens, people in general, fairly often try to get some footage of it, instead of helping.

We then decided to visualize said circumstance, using ourselves and our cellphones. A friend and I planned and sketched out the shot and thought that we could involve some other flaws of our society, as an example; the fact that there’s a lot of people willing to do pretty much anything for some likes and a bit of recognition on social media platforms. That’s why the victim of the accident is taking a selfie.

We had some technical difficulties, because we wanted to use a short shutter speed to, with a bit of a motion blur, create the illusion of a person driving by, but on the other hand we had to avoid any motion blur on the hand holding the cell phone.

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