As you see in the picture, I’ve created a compositing of an african landscape, a lion and myself, using Photoshop CC. It was the yet biggest project I realized on Photoshop. At first I had to think about what animal fitted my looks the most. Because of my voluminous hair, I decided to go for a lion. So I prepared a few sketches of half of my face slowly morphing into a lion’s face. I was certain from the very beginning to only use my…„METAMORPHOSIS“ weiterlesen

As you’ve probably noticed from former posts, I like the fictive universe, J.R.R Tolkien created for his books: the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. I wanted therefore to do a mask, inspired by the franchise’s villain Sauron. It’s not an exact copy, for I wanted to give it a bit of a personal touch. So after getting to the Idea, I started sketching out different versions of the helmet. I used plaster to create a mold of my own face, on wich I…„SAURON’S MASK“ weiterlesen

For my self-made magazine on the making of motion pictures, I needed personal experience with character design and modelling. For the main article of my magazine is about concept art and concept visualization. So I decided to sketch out some ideas for a dragon, inspired by movie dragons like Smaug (the hobbit) and drogon (game of thrones).

Three friends of mine and I thought about what’s wrong, or what could be improved within today’s society. We ended up with a few ideas but decided to concentrate on the first major problem that came to our minds; the fact that if an accident or something similar happens, people in general, fairly often try to get some footage of it, instead of helping. We then decided to visualize said circumstance, using ourselves and our cellphones. A friend and I planned and sketched out the…„critique of society“ weiterlesen

This is a project I realized at the art school I am currently attending, all students had to create their very own magazine. Part of the task was to take all decisions by ourselves, wich I found to be fairly difficult, as I have never done anything like this before. When creating a magazine, one has to really think about the concept and structure. For a magazine is released more than just once, as an example maybe every month or year. So the subject area,…„magazine“ weiterlesen

This is a work I’ve done as a part of my application for firstfloor art school. I like it because one can really see the emotion in this picture. The technique I used is rather rough, but I think it suits the mood of the drawing pretty well, for it kind of has the same dynamic motion as the facial expression.

This is a picture of Jimi Hendrix at the Woodstock festival in 1969. It was an exercise  to try out a certain technique. I printed a picture and painted directly onto it. It’s all done in the same colour, it’s just mixed with either  white or black, to make it look brighter or darker. The initial colour was a slightly purple-red. The hair, on the other hand, is done in another style, I don’t  like it that much. It seems not to fit into the picture, as the…„Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock 1969, acrylic painting“ weiterlesen

I like high contrast black/white photography, here’s a picture I did myself, using a Sony cyber-shot DSC-HX90V. It’s a pretty small Camera, but I like to work with it, for it’s pretty handy and I am used to the way it works. This old candle stood on our dinner table, so I sat in front of it for about an hour, until the camera settings where just right and the candle was nearly vanished.